A Texas Beer Perfect for the Texas Summer: Shiner Smokehaus

Named as one of the top small breweries in the nation, Shiner is a brand very close to Texan hearts and even those across the states. Labeled after their hometown, the Shiner brewery can be found in a small town called Shiner, Texas, halfway between San Antonio and Houston. They are most known for their main brew, Shiner Bock, but they have an incredible lineup worthy of savoring, and the new Shiner Smokehaus seasonal is no exception.

Shiner calls it, "the perfect sommer bier," which is German for, "summer beer" (duh!). The type of brew is what is known as a "Helles Bier," which is also German for, "light beer," but more accurately, it is a pale lager. This makes the perfect style beer for those hot summer days when you want something ice cold, light, and refreshing. Any Shiner Beer fan can tell you that Shiner won't leave it at that, they need to put their own Texas twist on it. There's enough Anheiser-Busch junk out there tarnishing the the reputations of all truly great beers. Shiner wouldn't want to get thrown into the same category as those generic, watered-down brands of beer *cough cough* Budweiser *cough* *cough*

The Texas twist, you ask? Shiner decided to step it up a notch by adding that legendary Texas essence of smoked mesquite. Any Texan can tell you, it's not a summer day in Texas if you don't smell mesquite smoke in the air whenever you step outside. Every sip offers you the first impression of a truly refreshing, clean beer, but tickles your taste buds with a finish of mesquite smoked flavor. I'm usually the last person to reach for a lager, but this one is very impressive! I am a hardcore Shiner fan, so I'm usually first in line whenever the newest recipe comes out, even if it's not my favorite style of beer! One of my twitter foodie frends, Bren, tried the brew with some friends, and they dubbed the new concoction as "brisket in a glass," a beer version of course! If you are grilling away this summer and can't wait for the food to be done, drink a Shiner Smokehaus and have the best of both worlds!

So far it looks like a big hit here in San Antonio. My better half had to stop by the local grocer twice to find some cases in stock! Word gets around fast.

For those who want the facts, here are some stats on the new brew:

Name: Shiner Smokehaus
Style: Helles Bier
Alcohol Content: 4.89% by volume
Main Ingredients: Pale Malt and smoked Mesquite

I'm calling out all the Texans out there to support your local brewery and drink some Shiner Smokehaus. Trash the Miller, Bud, and Coors, because this is THE perfect light beer for summer. For those out of state, if you can't find it, demand that your local grocer/liqour store carry it!

If you'd like to know more about The Shiner Brewery or would like to see all the beers they have to offer, visit their website at www.Shiner.com, you must be 21 or older to enter the site.

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