Some of my favorite sites:
Culinary Cara in Social Media!
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Fellow Food Bloggers:
Jay Eats - LA chef, culinary consultant, and all around friendly guy!  Where hasn't he been?
Menu Maniac - Jordana is a Foodie and GM employee!
Fresh Eats - Maria is another GM employee who loves home cooking!
Q the Chef - She's my online food buddy, dietitian, and coffee addict on a quest to spread the word on food allergies, sustainable food, and social media!
Maangchi - One of my favorite food bloggers, specializing in my favorite cuisine: Korean!

Eat Texas!
Texas Food - Online market featuring exclusively Texas crafted food products.  The site is always growing and always promoting eating local. 
Go Texan -  All about Texas Culture/Agriculture, products and communities.  Keeping it local and delicious, brought to you by the Texas Department of Agriculture!

Social Media Buddies and More:
ReRockstar - Your edgy guide to San Antonio Real Estate who loves urban adventures.  Figure out what famous band he was in, and you might win a prize!
Puro Pinche! - Wanna know what's going on in San Antonio?  My pal Stephanie Guerra will let you know!
Tattoos by Jason Hager - Heavy metal rock star taking his artistic talents to a new venture, ink!  If you're in the Cleveland area, be sure to get some permanent art from Hager!
Mike Robles - A dear friend and awesome Latino comedian
Puro San Antonio - Operated by the witty Bren Munoz who embraces the comedy of San Antonio culture
The Lone Conspirators - Andrew and Matt are two of my college buddies who blog about all kinds of conspiracy theories and taboo topics
The BMPR - Short for Business Media Public Relations, a great group in San Antonio dedicated to the aforementioned in social media : The Taste of Korea - Perhaps my most favorite website about all things involving Korean cuisine.  Beautiful layout, and very informative!

Places You Might Find Me:
Freetail Brewery - Delicious craft beer, good eats, and cool people.  I'm also a "Mug Club" member :)
il Song Garden - My favorite Korean restaurant in San Antonio
The Lion and Rose British Restaurant and Pub - I love to have a couple of pints and chit chat with my friends.  Trivia is fun too (I'm such a nerd).  Not to mention, they've got some really good eats!