The iPhone is Foodie Friendly: More Apps to Utilize!

The 3G iPhone will debut next week, and the iPhone craze already has quite the running start with gadget lovers everywhere. The word, "App," has become a household term, and everyday there are new apps out to make our lives more convenient, amusing, or time consuming depending on what you're looking for. The best part for all of my fellow cooks and food lovers are the foodie friendly iPhone apps. Here is a list of several apps that well-suit the foodie lifestyle:

The Food Network App:

Of course they would develop an app sooner or later. This app gives you everything from video cooking clips, to recipes, recipe ideas when you're at the grocery store, and drop down menus by ingredient, Food Network chefs, holiday cuisines and more! Try if for yourself here.

Yelp App:

This handy tool helps you find good eats around town. Search restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and then some. You can search by a location radius, or just the city in general. Users can also put in their reviews on all these joints, to make sure you don't go somewhere subpar. Find out more at the apple site here.

Nutrition Database:

Access nutritional facts on a wide variety of different foods with just a touch. Perfect for those calorie counters or folks watching their weight. Check it out.

Menus for iPhone:

Want to know how much fat is in that Mickey D's burger? Find out here.

The Cookbook App:

When you find yourself staring in your pantry and clueless about how to assemble all those ingredients, turn to the cookbook app and find what you can whip up based on the ingredients you have available. Give it a shot!

200 Vegetarian Recipes:

I know I have a few veggie loving foodie friends out there, so this app would work out nicely for those leading a very disciplined and healthy lifestyle. Everything from appetizers, breads, entrees, and more. More info at the apple site here.

VegOut - Restaurant Guide for Vegetarians:

Another helpful app for the veggie lovers. I know here in the south, it can be a bit difficult to find vegetarian friendly eateries, and this app is here to the rescue. Search by ZIP and use your iPhone GPS to find the ideal place nearby. You can also narrow it down to vegan cuisine, and even rate your favorite places. Try this app now!

Let out your inner techie and foodie at the same time. You'll never be left in a food dilemma again :)

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