Welcome to my blog of culinary adventures!  My name is Cara, and I am a pint-sized Texan with a huge appetite.  My passion for food began as a child when I grew weary ofh cake mixes and other pre-packaged foods my parents would “make” for me.  I started baking cookies and cakes from scratch at a young age, following recipes, watching KLRN cooking shows and good old-fashioned trial and error.
My passion for food went beyond the kitchen as well.  Having only grown up with Tex-Mex food and overcooked barbecue, I felt that I had so much to learn about the flavors of the world.  In college I went out and sampled every cuisine I could find, even taking a few classmates along for the ride.  Tasting these worldly flavors educated me tremendously, and I took that knowledge into my kitchen.
Take a look around and I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my culinary shenanigans.  If I can teach someone just a morsel of what I have experienced over the years, then I have fulfilled a purpose in life: to expand the minds, and taste buds, of people everywhere.