Cool Treats for the Summer Heat: Jamba Juice Coupon

The health smoothie craze is taking over the Alamo city, and many other cities across the nation. The average busy American can have a cool, tasty treat on the go, while still keeping their health in check, savoring fresh ingredients, and getting a specialized energy boost supplement all in one! Jamba Juice is the popular chain that supplies these all-in-one smoothie concoctions, which are refreshing, creative, and great for your body.

As a special promotion, Jamba Juice is offer a buy one get one free deal for a limited time only. The "Summer Bliss is Back," campaign lasts until July 12, 2009. Get your coupon at the following link, and treat yourself to double the goodness before the promotion comes to a close:

Jamba Juice: Buy One Get One Free Smoothie Coupon

For more information, including menu, health info, store locator, and more, visit the Jamba Juice Website here.

Personally, I recommend the Banana Berry flavor. They also have fantastic Green Tea flavor, and my better half is a big fan of the Peanut Butter Moo'd smoothie :)

Who said health food couldn't taste good? Throw that stigma out the window and enjoy a blissfully tasty smoothie from Jamba Juice!

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