Another Reason to Stick With Home Made: Nestle Cookie Dough Recall

I know there are many of you out there who will sacrifice that good old fashioned home made chocolate chip cookie recipe for something more convenient. The pre-made cookie doughs have been an increasing trend, "just slice and bake," they say. To be honest, I always stay away from these products, mostly because they lack that truly fresh taste, plus the food tends to take on the plastic "flavors" from their packaging. Nothing beats home made.

There is a new reason, which highly overrules any cookie snobbery. The FDA issued a recall for ALL Nestle Toll House Brand cookie dough, possibly containing contaminants of the E. Coli bacteria.

No deaths have been reported, however 25 people were hospitalized as a result of eating the Tool House brand cookie dough. Many cases are linked to consuming the raw cookie dough, however cooked or raw cookie dough involved in this recall should be disposed of. Nestle is offering refunds for all of their raw cookie dough products. You can call toll free at 1-800-559-5025 or visit the Toll House website here for more information regarding the recall and refund procedures

For a complete list of the Nestle Toll House products included in the recall, again, visit the Toll House website list here.

For the official FDA press release for this recall, visit the FDA site here.

Always remember to exercise safe food preparation and preservation. Always wash hands, do not cross contaminate, preserve foods at appropriate temperatures and ensure that foods are properly cooked.

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