On a Free Streak: Free Oscar Mayer Jumbo Franks Pack!

Looks like more and more food companies are taking the KFC idea to another level. Oscar Mayer recently won a national taste test, and they want to celebrate by offering customers a free package of jumbo franks. This is great to appease your kids for the Memorial Day BBQ that's right around the corner. Get your coupon fast, because rumor has it that once they give away up to 1 million dollars worth of coupons, the deal is over. At least they set a limit so they don't end up facing that KFC dilemma.

They need your email address, as well as mailing information to receive the coupon. Get your coupon here:

Kraft Oscar Mayer Beef Franks Coupon Giveaway

"My hot dog has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R..."

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