Never Have a Cookie Baking Disaster Again!

Thanks to my recent addiction to the, among other epicurean sites, I am much more up-to-date on food news. The latest buzz comes from the International Home and Housewares Show this year. Every year the event is held to eliminate the pretentious and sometimes inefficient housewares and present the most practical and cost effective products that are soon to hit the market. Of course, many brands show off their latest creations, and Pyrex is no exception.

At this year's show, Pyrex presented the ultimate gadget in bakeware, for novices and pros alike. The Pyrex Advantage Cookie Sheet:

Kudos to KristinaV on for providing the photo on the left and for attending the show.

As you can see in the image, Pyrex considered the common cookie disaster, the dreaded baked cookie blobs. To alleviate this problem, Pyrex etched a cookie grid onto the pan, allowing perfectly even spaning for picture perfect cookies every time! These pans come in a few sizes, with prices ranging from $12 to $17. You can find these products for sale on - Pyrex Advantage Large Cookie Sheet. You can also find these cookie sheets at Kohl's department stores for a little bit less: - Pyrex Advantage Cookie Sheets.

I know I've had many friends who suffer from these blobby dilemmas, and I think this would be the cure. So if you don't want this happening again:

And you want something more like this:

...then you might want to invest in the new Pyrex cookie sheet. It's fairly inexpensive and very efficient. Happy baking!


  1. Hi Culinary Cara! Thanks for the mention :) Keep your eyes peeled on Mixing Bowl for even more great innovations from the home show!

    :) Kristina Vanni