Make Home Made Flour Tortillas Without the Complications

My latest culinary challenge was finding a good recipe for home made flour tortillas. Even though I come from a half Mexican family, unfortunately that side of the family chose convenience over tradition and flavor (for the most part). That type of thinking led to regular purchases of the mass produced tortillas that, to me, always taste like nothing.

I do have a certain type of flour tortilla in mind, which also influences which Mexican restaurants I visit. I enjoy the type of flour tortilla that has a powdery texture on the outside, pliable, chewy on the inside with an ever-so-slight crispiness on the outside. Is that too much to ask? It would seem so, as most restaurants and families have tortilla recipes as various as genetic codes.

Naturally my first bit of research was rummaging for recipes online. I tried a few of them, but to no avail. I tried some with milk, some with water, shortening, and even some with oil! None of them were ideal, some were too thick and chewy, and others were terribly bland. My taste tester aka my better half offered me some insight. He said when his grandmother made flour tortillas, that she only used one brand of flour by the name of Pioneer, which is headquartered here in San Antonio Texas. I kept that in mind, and did some research on all of the Pioneer products. Later that day, I discovered her secret...she uses a mix!

Before you go typing another URL, I must admit, I am not a fan of mixes. In this case, however, I most other options with no success, so I considered it a last resort. I can't speak for all mixes, but the White Wings Flour Tortilla Mix by Pioneer hit the nail on the head! Absolutely perfect tortillas, with all the characteristics I enjoy, and all I need to do is add water. Boy I never would have thought a mix would a holy grail, but it's about time someone got the recipe right!

If you manage to find it at your local supermarket, great! If not here's plenty of information to help you out:

You can purchase the mix online at the C.H. Guenther & Son/Pioneer Flour Website:

Here's what the package looks like, in case you find it locally:

After doing some research about this product, it seems like plenty of Tex-Mex foodies and websites rave about this mix. Just Google the name and you'll find a large number of fans, and Pioneer can add another one to the list... me!

So save yourself the trial and error and get something great and easy from the get-go

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