Food Network Drops Paula Deen for Racist Language

Food Network (but not for long) Celebrity Chef, Paula Deen makes headlines once again.  Many remember her last media swarm when she announced she had diabetes last year.  After news of the iconic southern chef's admittance of using racial slurs and comments, the network confirmed that they will not renew her contract, which coincidentally expires at the end of this month.

Food Network Drops Paula Deen
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Earlier this week, news of a lawsuit against the unofficial queen of Southern cuisine surfaced, from none other than her former restaurant manager Lisa Jackson.  Jackson alleges Paula and another employee committed acts of racism, discrimination, sexual harassment ,and even assault in the workplace.  Once the Food Network caught wind of the situation, they made a serious decision to not renew her contract when it expires at the end of June.  This decision comes just as Deen revealed a public apology on YouTube.  She is well-known for her suggestive language in various forms of media, but apparently the star gets too loose with her words off camera.

If her health doesn't fry her career, her words will.

Update:  Popular home shopping channel QVC is also reconsidering their cookware advertising agreement with the, now infamous, Southern chef, and do not plan to have her on their network in the near future until they come to an official decision.

Not all fans are jumping ship, thousands of fans have collected on a Facebook group supporting Paula.