Treat Mom on Mother's Day by Cooking from the Heart

Moms everywhere work so hard to make sure we don't grow up to be complete barbarians, and we should let her know that she accomplished a job well done.  In my opinion, a great mom deserves special treatment every day, including Mother's Day!  She doesn't even have to be your real mom!  Although mom would appreciate jewelry or a day at the spa, moms of any age always adore homemade gifts.  Why not impress her with a tasty treat or meal?  It will also show her that she has taught you well (or at least that you can live on your own)!  Here are a handful of recipes that are much loved by the females in my fan-base.  Make one, or many of these recipes for mom and she'll be thrilled and thankful that you turned out to be such a good kid (until she finds out that you backed into her car).

These recipes are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Check out my recipes page for even more delicious creations!  Oh, and make sure you bring up the car thing after she eats, so she -hopefully- won't be as mad.  Enjoy!

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