The F-Word: Vol. 2

Today's "F-Word" (the food word in case you're out of the loop) is brought to you by the letter "L"

The holidays are soon approaching, and being a huge fan of international flavor, I feel compelled to share a little German tradition with you:


Lebkuchen is a popular Christmastime treat in Germany, comparable to the American-loved Gingerbread Man,  It's a spiced cookie containing cloves, ground hazelnuts, ground almonds, honey, citrus zest and ginger, just to name a few ingredients.  The variations of this cookie are as diverse as the families that make them.  You might also see these treats with other names such as Pfefferkucken (pepper cake, because of the spices) or Honigkucken (honey cake). Traditionally, they were lovingly decorated with icing, and packaged in decorated tins (Gee, I wonder where we got that from here in the States!)  Lebkuchen has quite the rich history, with recipes dating back to about the late 1200's in medieval Germany!  My favorite part, is that these cookies are not for hockey puck lovers, these sweet morsels have a softer texture that makes me swoon!  Not to mention, your home will smell absolutely beautiful with the aromas of the season.  You just might see a blog for a Culinary Cara version of this holiday delight.  A German tradition, with a Texas twist, of course.  So stay tuned!

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