The F-Word: Vol. 1

Welcome to the first installment of Culinary Cara's "F-Word"!

...nothing obscene here!  In fact, it's rather educational.  The F-word is simply short for, the Food Word.  In other words, the food word of the day!  You'll see random F-words pop up in my blog, so stay tuned and learn more foodie terminology.  Impress your friends with your nifty tidbits of expertise- even if you're not an expert at all!

So perhaps in jest, I'll make today's F-word a little relevant to my readers presumptions ;)

Today's F-Word is:


Fugu is a species of Japanese puffer fish, also known as blowfish by many.  It's considered a delicacy in Japan, and is making it's way across the world.  These sea creatures are also highly poisonous (containing tetrodotoxin), and must be prepared by special-licensed chefs.  As many as 6 people per year die from fugu poisoning, yet many thrill-seekers still take the risk to dine with death.  Fugu is tradtionally served sashimi style, and fittingly presented in the shape of a chrysanthemum [chr-eh-san-thi-mum] flower, the symbol of death in Japanese culture.  

As well-imagined, such a dish can be pricey, running around $200 American.  Is it worth the risk and money?  You be the judge, but hopefully you live to tell your story.

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