Nifty Facts About Your Everyday Food

In the great capitaliztion of society, we have become increasingly disconnected from the very things that fuel us.  It was only recently that some people began questioning where their food comes from, and what it's made of.  The food revolution is upon us, and it's critical to stay informed about our diets and overall health.  Here are a few food facts that you may, or may not know about.  Be enlightened and make wise choices!

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Pizza:  A food that is a staple in the American diet.  Pepperoni, extra cheese, the works, it's all comforting goodness...but what about the ingredients??  Ever seen a chain restaurant pizza delivered to you, and you find a nice pool of grease when opening the box??  You might think it's normal from your local pizza house, but in reality, it's the side effects of poor quality cheese.  Most pizza joints use low moisture mozzarella, that yellowish block cheese, shredded into flakes.  If you try some pizza made with fresh pulled mozzarella, not only will the flavor be a massive delight, but your waistline will thank you.

Eggs:  These delicious little things once had a nasty reputation for causing high cholesterol.  Truth be told, eggs have nothing to do with increasing you cholesterol and. potentially damaging your heart.  Eggs do have dietary cholesterol, but that's different from the cholesterol your body produces in your bloodstream.  SO no matter how you like your eggs, enjoy them!

Alcohol:  It's not just red wine anymore.  Any alcoholic beverage can be good for your heart.  Wine merely has the study performed first.  It's not antioxidants or sulfites (found in wine).  Nope, it's actually ethanol (pure alcohol in all booze) helps prevent artery buildup.  So drink up, be merry, enjoy yourself!  In moderation, of course ;)

Fresh vs. Frozen: Although fresh fruits and veggies are at the peak of nutritional value, they oftentimes lose those very nutrients in transit from the farm to your table.  In these cases, frozen versions have the fresh stuff beat.  Make sure your frozen produce is flash frozen, meaning they are frozen shortly after they come out of the ground, off the vine, well you get the picture.  If you're still a freshness elitist, try buying local as often as you can, to eliminate the amount of transit time on your produce.

Eight Glasses a Day:  I'm sure you all heard this one infinitely, and no matter how hard you try, you can never guzzle down eight glasses everyday without visiting the restroom every half hour or less.  Truth be told, that number is not accurate, and varies based on a few factors such as your weight.  Take the number of pounds you weigh and divide that by two.  That number is how may ounces of water you need to drink daily.  Sounds more realistic, doesn't it?  I got a little tired of hearing ten million ideas of what exactly a glass equates to in official units of measurement.

Take all those food rumors with a grain of salt.  Always remember to listen to the experts instead of the gossips!

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