Creative Gourmet Tacos from an Air Stream Trailer at Tin Can Tacos

Tin Can Tacos is definitely FAR from your typical, unlicensed, "fly by night," taco truck. The Tin Can comes at you via a vintage Air Stream Trailer, usually parked in front of the Tiller's Automotive Shop just outside 1604 and Bandera, now located at San Antonio's new food truck mecca, the Boardwalk on Bulverde. If you're looking for the standard bean and cheese tacos, then it's time to truly open your mind and savor the exotic flavors that Manny (the owner of Tin Can Tacos) can nestle in a warm corn tortilla.

-Photo by @tincantacos and @samlerma

The lamb tacos are amazing. Flavorful, tender, a little game-y, and topped with tangy avocado sauce with fresh cilantro and onion. Your taste buds will fly around the globe and come back for another bite of that taco. Want something a little lighter? Try Manny's fish tacos. Grilled, not fried, Tilapia, along with the usual suspects you come to find and love in fish tacos: crunchy red cabbage, onion, cilantro, and that delicious sauce. You can also get a container of his amazing pineapple habanero salsa for an extra kick! Don't worry, it's not the hellfire you might think, it's actually very well balanced, just like all of the Tin Can's eats.

Keep in mind, these delicious treats are from the talented and creative mind of Tin Can owner, Manny. As a former executive chef, he had a passion to walk off the beaten path, and he demonstrates that very well in his cooking. Don't expect the same old, same old here either. Manny tends to change the menu from time to time as he sees fit, or if he gets another wild idea.

So go find that silver bullet trailer and try some really fresh and carefully crafted flavors. Manny won't steer you wrong!  But please, don't eat all of the pickle Paletas, those are my favorite!  Yup, they've got Paletas for dessert too!

If you'd like to know more about Manny and the Tin Can, and their menu, you can visit their website.  Manny is also a social media fan, follow the Tin Can on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook!

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