November's NOM of the Month! Abuelita Chocolate!

Okay, okay, so I forgot about October's NOM of the month.  So sue me!  It was a busy month last month, but I'm getting back in the saddle.

Now that the holidays are around the corner, everyone is getting the warm and fuzzy feeling from their most cherish memories.  Food is no exception!  A popular holiday treat down here in central Texas, stretching down to Mexico, is Mexican hot chocolate.  This isn't your average cup of hot cocoa, it features hints of cinnamon and sugar that really make the chocolate sing!  Who would know how to do chocolate better than the culture it was discovered in?  Well the Swiss have a good idea going, but you just can't beat the original.  Mexican hot chocolate is traditionally sold in solid bars.  You melt them over the stovetop with some tasty whole milk, and it's been done this way for several generations.  Of course, me being from the younger of these generations, I'd like to have my Mexican hot chocolate in a more modern way.  The folks who make the legendary Abuelita chocolate thought so too, and offer a liquid mix that comes in a handy squeeze bottle!  Nestle Qwik better watch out!

Now, for those who are familiar with this iconic label, you may only remember the interesting, hexagon-shaped packaging for the solid chocolate bars, but be prepared to see Mexican chocolate like you've never seen it before!  The beauty about Abuelita in a squeeze bottle is the versatility!  You can still use it in traditional Mexican mole sauces, but it doesn't stop there.  Use this instead of hot fudge over ice cream.  Heck, if you make homemade ice cream, use it as the flavor!  One of my guilty pleasures with this stuff, is mixing it into a tall, cold glass of milk and simply enjoy.  You can always heat it up too, but it just hasn't gotten cold enough here in San Antonio for that yet (it's still in the 70's here - a winter wonderland!).  You can use it for a dip for some fresh churros, as the description suggests, I need to try that myself soon, since churros are especially popular at Christmastime.  Oh, that will be a future recipe, by the way, stay tuned for that one!

Here in Texas, you can find this product at your local supermarket where you find all the pudding mixes and other chocolate drink mixes.  For those of you further north who are curious, you can order it on my Amazon Store.

Enjoy this historical beverage in the comfort of your own home and create some new memories to cherish with your family.

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