September's NOM of the Month! Kinder Chocolate's Happy Hippos!

Welcome to my first "NOM of the Month!"  As you might know, I always make it a point to discover a new food on nearly a weekly basis.  Sometimes, they're a bust, but oftentimes, I find myself on an awesome flavor trip!  This particular nom is a perfect example.  Kinder Chocolate's Happy Hippo candy:

This unfamiliar snack comes right out of Germany with the help of an Italian candy company by the name of Ferrero (you may remember it from such decadent sweets as Ferrero Rocher and Nutella).  I remember my dad used to be a civilian employee for the Air Force, and he was able to get me lots of international snacks as a child, including various treats from the Kinder line.  Over the last decade, however, these sweets were hard to come by in the states, thanks to the FDA.

You can imagine my excitement during my routine visit to Cost Plus World Market, my better half found this confection, along with a few other products from Kinder Chocolate.  I quickly packed my basket with several boxes of the stuff, out of fear that I would never see them again.  Lucky for me, and you as well, World Market still carries them!

When you open the package you will be amused at the adorable little character staring back at you.  They're called hippos because they look like cute, little, chunky hippos waiting for you to devour them and give you a fun feeling of happiness... Hey, I guess that's why they call 'em "happy" hippos too!  Take a bite of it's snout, and you'll get a light, airy, crispiness of the wafer crust.  Not long after the crunch, you'll be delighted by the decadent interior, consisting of a sweet milk cream (a signature ingredient in Kinder snacks) and a rich cocoa cream (almost like Nutella).  Careful, the moment will be over before you know it!  Then you'll be scrambling to open another package!

Stay tuned for future NOMz of the Month, and taste the culinary world from my perspective ;)

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