Savor the Elegance of India at Mela Indian Bar & Grill

Mela is truly an eye opener to what Indian cuisine has to offer. I first experienced this wonderful restaurant about a year ago with a few coworkers. Not only was it my first visit to Mela, but it was also my first taste of Indian food! Luckily one of my coworkers was familiar with Indian food, so I had a good guide. I've been to a handful of other Indian joints since, but Mela is still the undisputed winner!

First thing's first, you'll be quite surprised when you walk into Mela. The decor is elegantly ethnic, many compliments to the designer! The colors and details are just beautiful and reflect the delicate, yet striking flavors of the food. The staff is very polite and attentive, which made the service a definite pleasure. I really appreciate the attention to detail at Mela, it's something that can be hard to find in this city.

I had the pleasure of enjoying their lunch buffet. All their main dishes were beautifully presented in large, shiny chafing dishes, it almost made me feel like I was partaking in a nice wedding dinner buffet. Their chicken tandoori has got to be among the best barbecue chicken I've ever tasted. Don't let the crimson color scare you, it's really a world flavor! They also set a huge basket of Naan on the table, which is their flat bread cooked in the tandoor pots. Oh. My. God. I've never had bread that delicious before! Naan quickly became my favorite bread of all time with each and every bite. Their chicken curry was excellent as well, even has a slight citrusy flavor, which I can appreciate. The lamb curry was tender, rich, and velvety. I think that the Mexican dish called carne guisada just wishes it had the cojones to be like Mela's lamb curry (just sayin!). Another dish I adored is their palak paneer, which is spinach, cheese, and Indian spices (perhaps an excellent way to get your family to eat their veggies!), lots of richness and exotic flavor there too!

One dish that's not to be missed is their elegant Kheer, a light, sweet, milky spoonful of goodness. Essentially, it's a rice pudding, but it's just a delicately pleasant flavor.

I was really impressed not only at the deliciousness of Indian dishes, but in the stunningly elegant way that Mela presented these flavors to me. For that, I am truly thankful that Mela was my introduction to Indian cuisine.

For you techie fans out there, Mela also loves engaging in Social Media!  Find them on these links:

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Get ready to taste how beautiful India really is!

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