Find Great Gifts For The Chef In Your Life Under $25!!

The number of foodies out there is growing exponentially, and so are the kitchen gadgets to accompany them.  I know everyone's Christmas shopping list is only getting longer over the years. with everyone's taste becoming more expensive to boot.  There's an alternative.  Get your foodie friend some nifty gifts without breaking the bank.  Check out a few items on my store that I recommend as perfect gifts for the culinary enthusiast:

Wilton Excelle 3-tier Cooling Rack

I personally own one of these, and it's very space saving.  Cookies don't stick and they cool evenly.  Very helpful when you make big batches of cookies as well.  When I used to live in an apartment, I was thankful to have a gadget like this.  Even now in a hosue with a big kitchen, I still like knowing that I'm making the most out of my counter space when baking.  It's also helpful for cooling cakes and pies evenly, so it's a multi-tasker.

Oxo Good Grips Medium Disher/Cookie Scoop

Another piece from my personal collection.  You have no idea how fast you can crank out cookies, cupcakes, mini-meatballs, and more with this handy device!  You'll no longer have to waste your time using your silverware, or your hands (yikes) to shape your cookies, and they will all be uniform in size!  I love this thing :)

Anchor Hocking Cake Dome Set

The perfect way to present your confections.  It's not just for cakes, present cookies, finger foods, biscuits, and all kinds of other tasty treats in this classic dish.

Desert Excuses Plate Set

I think this plate set is just adorable!  Each plate has a cute pastry design with an excuse of why or how to eat them.  Ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth who enjoys entertaining.

Remember to get them something to make their lives easier, or something amusing!  you can't go wrong with these handy gifts.  Some of them even make great stocking stuffers.  Let your imagination run wild, and keep your wallet happy too.

For more gifts under $25, visit my Amazon store here.  I update my store listings frequently, so be sure to check in every once in a while for new products.

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