Happy Labor Day: Foodie Freebies!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend with friends and family. Today is the day Americans celebrate the ending of summer, and to honor the memories of those who passed in their respective lines of work, beginning in the late 1800s.

The slew of freebies this year is s great way of the big companies helping out everyday folks. We work hard, and we deserve a break every once in a while. Notably, a couple of big-name restaurants are contributing on this special holiday with freebies.

Chick-fil-A, is offer a free chicken sandwich today with one catch: you must wear your favorite sport's team jersey/shirt to your nearby location to receive your freebie. Offer is valid from 10:30am to closing time, no other offers will be combined.

To help out honest working families, IHOP has offered a promotion for free children's dinners until September 13th. The free dinner is valid from 4pm to 10pm, for children 12 and under at your local IHOP. The reasoning? IHOP firmly believes in the wholesome tradition of keeping families together at the dinner table. In fact, in the IHOP press release for this free offer, the citied Time Magazine with, " In fact, kids who eat most often with their parents are 40 percent more likely to say they get mainly A's and B's in school than kids who have two or fewer family dinners a week." Families can break out of a mundane routine, and go out to eat, not only helping the economy, but giving mom a break in the kitchen! Again, offer is not valid with any other promotions.

Enjoy the free fruits of your labor, America, and treat yourself!

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