250 Years of Guinness: World's Famous Stout Producer Ages Gracefully

On September 24, 1759, an Irishman known as Arthur Guinness signed the lease to the same brewery property that still makes the namesake's world-famous stout today.  The popular dark, creamy, rich, and flavorful beer spent two and a half centuries being crafted to perfection and remains the staple of Irish culture.  The versatility of this brew appears in various alcoholic concoctions, and even finds it's self in more recipes than any other beer.

To celebrate this monumental legacy, Guinness released their first new brew in over 30 years, Guinness 250.  For information about Guinness 250, you can read my review about it here.

Personally, Guinness is my #1 favorite beer on the planet.  Guinness has a depth and flavor that simply cannot be replicated.  I love using Guinness in any culinary medium, in desserts, soups, stews, beef recipes, and more!  Another notable feature is that Guinness is better for you than most beers, with a meager 125 calories a pint, it stomps out much of the competition, including several lighter beers.

Today is affectionately titled, "Arthur Day," and Guinness is celebrating around the world.  Check the Guinness website here for information on Guinness events in your area.  Must be 21 or older to enter the site.

Fell free to honor the timeless Irish brew and have a pint in celebration of 250 years of success!  I know I will :-)  I will also be honoring this wonderful stout by adding a few of my tried and true recipes using Guinness, so stay tuned for more!

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