Could Blue M&Ms Be The Cure For Paralysis??

A friend of mine on facebook officially declared. "I was right, the blue M&Ms are the best ones out there..." Interestingly enough, I always favored the blue ones since their introduction to the iconic bag of candy coated chocolates, but mainly because my favorite color is blue. As it turns out, the blue dye found in these M&Ms reveals itself as a potential medicinal cure!

A study on lab mice conducted by the University of Rochester made the stunning discovery after extensive research. The dye compound, known as Brilliant Blue G (BBG) found in these tasty candies, was used in a series of injections on lab mice with spinal injuries. These same spinal injuries left the poor mice paralyzed. The science behind the research found that BBG fends off two molecules known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and P2X7, which are known to kill valuable spinal cells after a spinal injury occurs. The result? Paralyzed mice could walk again, with only one side effect: a temporary smurf-like complexion-

Granted, the mice scurried with a limp, they were still able to move about on their own, a monumental feat! The researchers and scientists performing this study hope to establish similar studies on humans, if the FDA gives them the green light.

For more details on this study, feel free to check out CNN's article on the subject, here.

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