Guinness Celebrates 250 Year Anniversary With the NEW Brew!

The legendary Irish brewer of the well-known thick, toasty, creamy goodness just turned 250 years old! When they offer the world's most popular stout beer for that long, they have reason to celebrate. Not only a celebration, but they decided to throw Guinness fans for a loop with their first new concoction in the US market since the 1960s. The limited time brew, is affectionably titled, Guinness 250:

-Thanks to for the graphic...and I need to score one of those glasses!-

This new flavor hit the US shelves yesterday, April 24th. I was fortunate enough to discover it on tap, at a local, upcoming establishment known as the Tap Exchange. Fantastic place, by the way - but it deserves it's own blog posting, which I'll write once I stop being a Guinness fangirl for a moment, haha!

This beer will appeal to both Guinness fans and non-fans alike. It still touts the rich, roasty flavors of the flagship stout, but provides a true "drinkability" that few stouts have to offer. If you could ever enjoy a refreshing stout at a barbecue or any warm summer day event - this is THE beer to drink. This aspect would be a feature that could warm up those non-Guinness fans, who don't enjoy the stereotype of the ol' "meal in a glass." Perhaps what creates the dramatic difference between 250 and the original, is the fact that 250 uses CO2, or carbon dioxide carbonation, instead of Nitrogen. This change in gases makes the beer fizzer and a bit thinner. And for those erroneous believers that think thick beer = strong beer, let's go to school for a second:

Guinness 250 Anniversary Draught:
Alcohol Content: 5% by volume
Calories: 136
Brew: Triple hops, roasted barley, double brew steam, ale & stout combo, and carbonated with CO2 (carbon dioxide) instead of Nitrogen.

There. I hope we all learned something today :) If you want REAL flavor and refreshment, don't waste your time on those mainstream, diluted lagers.

I would say that the 250 brew is the ideal, simplified version of the stout classic. I encourage everyone to give it a taste at your local watering hole...but don't wait too long! Rumor has it that Guinness 250 will only be around for as little as 6 months!

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