A Dessert for Adults: Irish Ice Cream Float

The ice cream float is another one of those nostalgic childhood classics....but this one has an adult twist! being half Irish myself, I seem to have a natural affinity to Irish spirits. This recipe contains one of those, or maybe two Irish spirits for those of you with guts...

Here's a hint:

It is....it really is!

Irish Ice Cream Float:

- 1 can/bottle Guinness Stout (you could also use other brands, such as Murphy's)
- 2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream (you could also use chocolate for an even richer flavor)
- 1 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey (optional for the lightweights, mandatory for Jameson lovers)
- Whipped Cream
- crushed Ginger Snaps or Graham Crackers or Gingerbread (graham cracker crumbs work too)
- 1 Pint Glass

Assembly is easy! First fill the pint glass about 1/3rd of the way with stout beer. Add two scoops of ice cream. Fill with more stout beer until you reach about an inch from the top of the glass or until it just covers the ice cream scoops. Add shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Sprinkle some of the crushed cookies or graham crackers. Top with whipped cream and more crushed cookies or grahan crackers. You don't have to follow those directions to the tee, but it's the best combination of layers for this adult dessert.

Eat responsibly! :)