Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having or had a great Valentine's Day! Upon this day of celebrating love, I decided to create this blog to articulate my love for great flavors. For those who may not know, my name is Cara and I have been a blooming culinary talent since childhood, always fascinated by the wholesome appeal that the kitchen has on all five senses. My culinary interests expanded to the subject of Anthropology, as food influences cultures, ancient and modern, around the world. I am very passionate about food and cooking, and it's the only art that is biologically vital to everyday life. After all, we need food to live, so it might as well taste great!

So come on in, read on, and keep coming back to find out more on all of my culinary adventures. Everything from my own recipe creations, other recipes I discover, reviews on cuisines, restaurants, beer & wine, culinary techniques, kitchen gadgets, and much more. Perhaps it might encourage you to expand your culinary horizons as well.

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